Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Rage In Harlesden

Well, Norff Lundun anyway. Had a job interview yesterday. In Golders Green. That was enough of a bad start. I mean, you don’t come back to work in London because you really enjoy taking the Northern Line so far out that it comes out of the ground. Call me a purist, but Underground trains should remain just that.
Got there 5 minutes late. If the train hadn’t sat in a tunnel for 10 minutes without moving, this wouldn’t have happened, but that’s hardly an excuse. Except then the person interviewing me was 20 minutes late, so that kind of went by the by. Ended up with two prehistoric blokes, one of which seemed on his last legs and about to fall asleep, and the other one intent on alternately insulting and patronizing me as hard as he could. Plus neither of them had actually worked there for more than a month, so when I asked them a question or two about the company, they didn’t know. Realised I was going for broke when the magic phrase "I'm smarter than anyone else I work with, and I don't mean that arrogantly" came flowing out of my mouth. By now I’m quite steamed. Went back down into the hole in the ground, back to work again. Don’t think I’ll be working at that place, then.


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