Tuesday, January 02, 2007

10k again...

Entered the Serpentine 10k on New Year's Day and rather overcooked it - put in around 20:30 for the first 5k, and was already deflating by that point. I was flagging badly for the second half - partly down to wearing too much kit. Just goes to show one shouldn't always believe the tabloid reports that we're ALL GOING TO DIE in a huge storm at the start of 2007. Anyway, got 43:05, which beats this by a good 29 seconds.
At the time, thought I hadn't got close to my PB, because I thought it was 50 seconds faster, but this was ameliorated by meeting the lovely Claire, who had been kind enough to buy me a helium-filled dinosaur balloon, and, coincidentally enough, went to see Half Man Half Biscuit just before Christmas.

We went to the RA, had a bowl of soup, watched the New Year's Parade. I seem to like marching bands more than I anticipated. Possibly that's a bad thing, but who knows?
Oh, and had an evil scheme concocted over the festive break. I'm going to put some money in trust for my godson, but he only gets it once he's old enough if he can eat 5 lbs of cheese in a single sitting. (And only after that, will it be revealed that the Cushtie Fortune can only be spent upon more cheese) Pros? Cons?


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