Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In the bleak midwinter...

Well, at least in Tromso it wasn't actually snowing, and there wasn't that stupid Crystal Palace hill in the way. Struggled to run in today - very cold, and the onset of snow as I ran through Anerley, although somewhat amusing, can't have helped. Nor can going out for a beer with a lady of the internet last night, particularly as she went to the wrong pub to begin with, leaving me stuck on my own with a beer. (The whole not drinking thing really had the kibosh put on it on the 21st, when I went to the Oval with Jason and had 4 pints, then felt deathly all of Sunday).
Anyway, 17.36 km in 1:26 and a bit; slower than last week, but I put that down to not eating properly. Raced a bloke from Kennington up to Waterloo but he took a lot out of me by choosing the right route across busy intersections, whilst I waited for traffic to stop and lost ground. Boo.
On the other hand, have a new jacket. And it's very shiny, too. Slightly more comfortable than my Race Face top, which was beginning to be composed more of dried perspiration than polyester. Yum.


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