Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You wasters

Sometime perhaps I should compile a list of things that annoy me - but I have a feeling that would annoy me rather a lot:

  • It would remind me of things that annoy me

  • It would be a demonstration of anal retentiveness

  • It would be yet another list

  • ...

  • Profit?

However, in the meantime it's still somewhat enraging that when you pop into Tescos on Dean Street, it's so icy cold that they've put an electric space heater in by the tills. What is the point in refrigerating the entire store so heavily that the staff have to warm themselves up to avoid frostbite while sat at the tills? OK, you could get them all warmer clothes, but wouldn't it be simpler just to turn the air con down a bit? Guys? Guys?


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