Friday, August 31, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (6): Marks & Spencer, Tottenham Court Road

Walking out the office today, bumped into a friend from who now works as a sysadmin for a publisher in Soho. So instead of going for a salad, went up Tottenham Court Road in search of smoke machines. (He's guitarist in a Hawkwind tribute band, naturally.) After discussing the pole-dancing studio he's being invited to the opening of, and my chaotic personal life, ducked over the road from Maplins (who sell a fog machine for 39.99GBP, by the way) and bought a sandwich, crisps, fruit and yoghurt from M&S for 4.20.
I'm allowed to stuff my face this Friday, because I rode to work (11 miles by bike) and will be riding home again, and I'm off to shorinji kempo tonight.

sandwich is a stock in trade - every time I get kind of drunk, modus operandi is to pick the last one of these out from M&S in Charing Cross station before getting the final train home of the night. Straight from the chiller cabinet there's not much flavour to it, but if you let it get up to room temperature, you can at least taste the avocado and the sauce.
Bananas a bit underripe. The crisps were pretty foul - not enough salt, and just dry and not particulary crispy. Kept the yoghurt in the fridge for after getting back from the dojo...


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