Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (13): Wrapid, Berwick Street

I only noticed this one appear since the project started, and it seemed as good a day as any to try it out. Apart from the awful pun of the name, not so bad: lots of different things, in wraps. Bangers & mash through to vegetarian balti. The balti itself is pretty good - very spicy and strong flavour, but the wrap itself leaves a little to be desired. Instead of being something soft and pancake like, it looks like some combination of cardboard and wholemeal something; maybe it had been festering on the grills for too long, but I don't want a wrap which is actually baked hard.

They gave me a loyalty card - I was going to be cruel and ask "what do I want that for? I'm not coming back, you know" but if this quest ends in failure before the 365 days are up, then I think I'd be happy to have something else here.
Cheap, too: 4.05 for the wrap, 90p for a piece of caramel shortcake with 29 different ingredients. Mmm, hydrogenated vegetable oil. Should have gone to Just Felafs for dessert...


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