Thursday, September 13, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (15): Eat, Soho Square

The merchandising has gone all wrong. Suddenly Eat have these loathsome purple paper bags to put your food in. Otherwise, the song remains the same: here's a baguette (slightly stale. No, it's not 'crunchy'. It's stale. You can tell when you bite into the dried up bread and it sprays crumbs all over the desk) with branston pickle and cheddar inside. Looks a bit grim. Not sure how it tastes yet. Actually, this all sounds rather bitter but really I'm grumpy because (a) I've got a cold and (b) Eat don't seem to be doing pies this year that are anywhere close to being as good as they were in 2006. But still, the baguette isn't half as nice as a Pret one, which makes it rather a chore to eat. The yoghurts are better than The Other Place, though...


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