Friday, September 28, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (25): Ultimate Burger, New Oxford Street

It's like dying and going to dirty burger heaven. A portobello mushroom, laden with barbecue sauce and dripping with grease. Onion rings that have so much fat coming off them that the bottom of the takeaway bag is slick wet through. The whole thing is a big fat lump of taste; definitely far ahead of the now quite anodyne Hamburger Union. Really what you need after spending the night before out in the woods around Dorking, trying to not die while riding a bike as fast as you can.
On the down side - their roof is leaking, service is slow (20 minutes from order to burger) but then it was 1.30 on a Friday afternoon, when all the suited drones go out for their one big meal of the week, but please people, I'm a man on a mission. Got to get back to draw graphs in Powerpoint and sound competent to an international audience. I DESERVE MY LUNCH FIRST.
Oh, and no repeat of trying to deck the waitress (cf yesterday). Things are looking up.


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