Friday, October 05, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (28): Crussh, Broadwick Street

A brightly lit juice bar, full of smoothies and other reprehensibly-healthy fare. I had a moment of nostalgia here; they were playing the Mark Ronson reworking of Radiohead's Just - I first heard this one night on X fm, driving back down to Folkestone and listening to the Cuban Brothers' barrage of eccentricities. And this was back in the day only slightly, before Ronson became hated for redoing a Smiths song and making it less depressing than the original.
So anyhow: another bento of sushi, hurrah. A little cheaper than the Itsu one, but no chopsticks, goddammit! Also, the presence of all this rocket salad is a mixed blessing at best - rather fiddly to eat out of a bento, regardless of whether you're using hanshi or a knife and fork. Grated carrot isn't bad either, and considering I was intending on a dirty burger from Nando's today, doing substantially better than I might have expected. (Did eat some crisps as well though, but I'm at kempo tonight and that should burn it off)
Oh, and the wasabi here is a bit stronger. I'm currently blinded with tears, my nose and throat are on fire - it's tremendous. Maybe a bit less next time though...


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