Monday, October 08, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (29): Cornish Bakehouse, Dean Street

It does 'Award Winning Cornish Pasties' you know. Had the cheese and mushroom pasty, which is really rather vile, and fell apart in the bag as I carried it back to the office, and a spicy vegetarian sausage roll, which was very good, almost to the point that I suspected the regurgitated vegetable protein that made up the sausage to be animal in origin. After the weekend's exertions, just what I needed.


Anonymous said...

Que passo?
Have I missed something?
You now just describe your lunch?
How did you get here?
Have you gone all the way round and come back to the begining again?
Is it a zen thing? ('cause I know zen, and I may be able to help with that.)
What happened to bonnet racing?
What happened to test reporting on the handling characteristics of a chest of drawers?
Has it all become too much?
Your friend, The Other Kent.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the Claypool/Coverdale hillbilly cover of Gin and Juice? Everything else is just fluff.

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