Thursday, October 11, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (32): Starbucks, corner of Soho Street & Oxford Street

Very tired, very hungry today - probably a mistake to have more than a pint of beer last night after climbing. Shambled into work, felt starving hungry by 11.30. Thus an early trip to Starbucks.
On the positive side, the hot chocolate is good. Better than the insipid stuff I've had from Cafe Nero and Eat recently. On the negative, the panini took forever to arrive, probably because they were attempting to get it up to radioactive temperatures. Didn't really taste of anything apart from a burnt mouth.
Cake: Starbucks have gone downhill since they got rid of the ginger muffin. The apple cake is like eating some kind of packing materials that were stored near some apples once. And the whole damn thing costs too much. Nine pounds something for a panini, two bits of cake and a hot chocolate? Ho-bloody-ho.


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