Monday, October 15, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (34): Nino's Paninos, Frith Street

One qualm as I explained this choice to my co-workers; panini is the plural, panino is the singular. So the name of this cafe is wrong, but perhaps that's balanced out by all the people who will sell you "a panini" or "paninis", usage that never fails to make my teeth grate after some cruel person first educated me about this point.
Anyway, it's a tiny place, about the same size as those holes in the wall that serve up pizza on Leicester Square. Recessed from the street, there's space for a table or two and a counter, but sadly the food isn't much better. I had a focaccia with cheese and roasted vegetables inside it, but the cheese was the consistency of (a) raw ricotta and (b) warmed up nasal mucus at the same time; couldn't taste the vegetables or the pine kernels nestled inside. So I doubt I'll return there soon.


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