Thursday, November 22, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (51): Glo, Paternoster Square

Many years ago, even before Mr Cushtie was a gleam in Mr Cushtie Snr's eye, or indeed shortly before Mr Cushtie Snr and Mrs Cushtie were Mr and Mrs, Mr Cushtie Snr proposed to the future Mrs Cushtie in Paternoster Square. So there's some kind of significance to this location, even if it may seem a bit of a cheat to nip out of Soho for lunch. However, I was back at my desk within the standard hour, so I think this can count.
No such emotional significance to Glo, however. It's just ok, poking its head above mediocre for just long enough to not earn censure. For some reason, I've recently lost my tolerance for places where you pay in one place and then collect your food elsewhere - I think the problem may be that these City boys are less capable of queuing than the meedja whores of Soho, and so I kept getting elbowed in the back or side, and thus had to struggle not to indulge my inner rage.
Here's lunch

Plus, the City boys are happy to pay over the odds - I got curry and rice for seven pounds something, and when you order 'fresh lemonade' you would expect it to come in a glass, not in a plastic bottle. Am I being overly snobbish here? The curry itself overpromised and underdelivered - not at all spicy, and although it began by tasting quite fruity, pretty soon that flavour deserted it. And there was either too much rice or not enough curry, but either way halfway through the meal I was left with half a bowl of dry rice. Hmmph.
On the other hand, it's well lit, pretty fast and, perhaps because it's individual stools rather than benches, doesn't quite feel like the whole Wagamama-lets-go-back-to-school experience. Although speaking of which, a visit to Lexington Street may be on the cards soon...


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