Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year of Eating Differently (72): Cafe Bruno, Wardour Street

Interesting ambience here. It's diagonally opposite Vita Ingredient, which looks like a macrobiotic whorehouse, all healthy juices and smoothies and stuff on a plate which is probably incredibly worthy but doesn't taste of anything at all. Cafe Bruno, on the other hand, enjoys the kind of decor that you'd have in the 1970s (wood veneer panelling), most of the customers look like vagrants and if they don't, they look even more suspicious - what man goes around with two Nokia phones? Particularly the same model - is he saving one for spares?

Anyway, I'd just depositted 37 quid in spare change at Natwest, and, feeling flush with cash, threw down 2.50 on a focaccia with mozzarella and plenty of pesto. Couldn't wait to get out of the place because I was worried one of the tramps was going to either eat me or demand money for meths, but in fact everyone in there was quite quiet and minding their own business. The focaccia was fine too - although not very much there, possibly after gorging myself at Christmas it was time to reduce the dietary intake a little...


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