Thursday, January 10, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (80): Cafe Soho, corner of Wardour Street and Old Compton Street

Nothing amazingly special here (although a bit pricey) but it was just nice. Another corner cafe, about the same size as the anonymous cafe from last week, but with cheerful, friendly staff and a 'mushroom special'. I was hoping this would be a special mushroom, but it turned out to be mushroom plus cheese, so nothing massively revolutionary there.
Good cake, coffee's not bad and there's a big window to watch people walking past. Assume this would probably be more amusing on a warm summer evening as people stagger in and out of the Village, rather than on a grey winter day when everything is dead and you're kind of cross that as well as getting a penalty fare at the station, you got a lecture from the revenue protection officer about how you need to be organised and get to the station on time. Thanks for that.


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