Monday, January 21, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (87): Revolution, St Anne's Court

Quite honestly, I'm worried that I've committed an awful faux pas by going here for lunch on a Monday, rather than wearing a stripey shirt, a pair of Ben Sherman jeans and very shiny black loafers, and falling out of here on Friday night full of vodka. But never mind.
Service was attentive, the room was quite dark, the music was utterly depressing (was that Lemar I heard doing a medley of U2 covers at one point) and outside the rain was tipping it down again. But that is hardly their fault.
Ordered a panini for my lunchtime companion, and immediately felt the death of a thousand cuts - why didn't I stick to my linguistic guns and order a panino? I will never understand. For myself I thought I'd experiment with the 'low carbs' menu. This turns out to be a mushroom. With some tomatoes on top of it. And some pesto. The wisdom or otherwise of eschewing carbohydrates will be demonstrated tonight, when I have to ride 11 miles home on my bike full of nothing more energising than piss and wind. And so it goes...
[mushroom] [pesto] [tomato]


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