Monday, February 25, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (111): Ristorante Cappucetto, Moor Street

Took an American lady to Ed's diner to cheer her up, on the assumption that she was homesick for a diner.
Realised I'd offended her because they don't have places like Ed's in N'Awlins, so went down the street to this little restaurant, which was advertising a 5.50 lunch deal.
For that much (and indeed for anything up to twice the price) the pizza was unexpectedly good - very thin, very tasty. Downside was that the place was almost empty, the chilli grinder was made of transparent plastic and squeaked when used, and the waiter was ever-so-slightly terrifying. Oh, and the knives were Spanish 'Albacete' knives, which meant they look like the kind of things small people eat steaks with, or Rambo peels fruit with. Either way, slightly over the top for a defenceless pizza. Demonstrated my level of ignorance over Deleuze, made a few unguarded comments about the US Army, but avoided being slashed with a knife, so maybe I still have some charm and wit about me. (A few scary moments with a knife close to my face, but those were quite forgivable in the circumstances...)


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