Thursday, February 28, 2008

Year of Eating Differently (114): 16mm, D'Arblay Street

Not really geared up for takeaway food, poor things. Although possibly the wait I had was while they found two identical tiny paper bags to each put one half of the ciabatta into.
Half a ciabatta, complete with complementary paper bag
The actual quality is very good - bread feels a lot fresher than some of the junk I've had in recent weeks, although the brie isn't that flavourful, it's not some kind of overpowering experience of CHEESE that to be honest can't be that pleasant for one's coworkers.
Also, there's a very good selection of cake; right up there with Konditor & Cook's outpost in the Curzon for variety and apparent quality, although nobody had touched the lemon tart.
Finally, there's a screening room downstairs for hire, but I can hardly justify nipping out at lunchtime to watch Citizen Kane, can I?
[Tried this once, years and years ago, and no, 3 hour epic films and lunch hours are not strictly compatible...]


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