Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bowen Road run - my eyes!!!

After Tuesday, feeling quite tired so on Thursday I went up to Bowen Road with the promise of an easy, flat run. Well, it was flat - went up it, down it and up it again in 56 minutes (12km) and then got a taxi home from Wan Chai.
To fend off mosquitoes (imaginary or otherwise) I'd stuck some citronella patches on my shirt, rather than coat myself with a liberal amount of DEET. I figured that would be more healthy. Possibly not when I touched the patch with my sweaty hand, and then rubbed it across my eyes. Either the citronella, or an hour's worth of sweat coursing down from my brow, but I could not see - I spent a good five minutes weeping, nothing visible apart from blurred lights, to the point where I started to think I should tell the driver to point us to the hospital rather than Mid-Levels. Happily, sight then returned, but I think for next week I'm going to have to buy one of those atrocious head bands like Rocky used to wear while running. And he was in Philadelphia, which is hardly renowned for its warmth... what gives?


Anonymous said...

did you ever think about Marathon-style competitions?

Mr Cushtie said...

Well, like they say, "a marathon is a hundred pints of lager and a chicken vindaloo". Or somesuch...

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