Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Off we go again...

Signed up today for the 2009 Tokyo marathon; another very flat course by the looks of things. I don't actually find out until November whether I'm in or not, but I was the 71st person to go through the sign-up procedure (if you believe the id numbers that spits out) so maybe I'll get a very low race number, with all the cachet that provides.
Tokyo isn't until March of next year, so plenty of time to train. Quite possibly I can fit in another marathon before then, and perhaps some shorter races too.
Short term, it's time for a tempo run around Happy Valley tonight, and then I get to move apartment, which will make for a fun and relaxing evening.
Found the McMillan Running Calculator today. Sort of depressing, because when I plugged in my half marathon time from Vancouver, it told me I should have done Gold Coast 10 minutes faster. But then I already knew that. Some interesting thoughts if you plug different times in though; according to the calculator, if I want a 3:15 marathon, I'd need a 41:33 10k time. (PB in 10k is 43:05, which spits out a 3:22 marathon).
I'll graph some of these later on, and show what (a) it predicts and (b) what kind of improvements I think I need to make to start hitting consistent times.
Or I could carry on with the run-until-you-throw-up-over-yourself training plan - hasn't failed yet. [Haven't actually got round to vomitting yet, but there's still time...]


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