Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Back in the running again

I was a bit shocked to look at my Garmin and realise this was the first time I'd been for a run since October - a month off would be bad enough, but getting on for two? Dear oh dear... In mitigation, I've been to Macau (twice) and Beijing in the intervening weeks, and visiting friends have increased my drinking requirements... No excuse.
So up at 6.15 this morning, before the sun had risen, and on the track by 6.45. I was planning on 30 minutes, but in the end five kilometres seemed enough. Happily surprised that I did that without any complaint from my body. I've a slight weakness in my left calf - woke up in agony with it cramping a couple of weeks ago and it still feels not quite right, but that isn't something that shows up while I'm running.
Problematically, long runs are going to be hard to achieve before Christmas; this Friday I fly to Bangkok, and the following Friday it's a 12 hour flight to London. Plus I still have to worry about Christmas shopping... Maybe everyone gets something from Thailand this year.


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