Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy now

I got up about 9, feeling pretty ropey - not going to bed until almost four was clearly stupid, when all I was doing was staying up and formatting video to upload to YouTube - never the most urgent of things. So I faffed about for almost an hour, set the upload going for all the videos, chugged down some granola, and then went about my run.
This was quite hard work - tired from the previous night, and I suppose from the walk on Saturday, and without enough decent nights' sleep or dinners to really sustain me. Plus it's now up to 24.5 degrees at the track, and it's humid too - I was dripping sweat off my nose when I got back to the flat. Still, got round and did it, which I was surprised but pleased by. On the downside, I dropped my water bottle as I was running round the track, and when I went round on the next lap it had vanished. It wasn't the greatest of things - it was starting to develop a bit of mould, and I've had it since the day before I turned 30 (a present to myself while I was in NYC shopping) but a bit like the rifles in Full Metal Jacket, there are many bottles like it, but this was my one. Without my bottle I am useless, my bottle without me has no chance to be a killing machine. I did a whole lap of the track afterwards looking for it, but it has either been taken, or fallen down a hole. Ah well. I will have to be more careful next time.
Got back, showered, and decided to try a few more photos with my big lens. So far this has been great when I was in Macau for the GP last year, and disappointing otherwise - all the landscape shots I take with it seem to be terribly dreary, and I'm not sure if this is a function of the lens or of the time of day that I take it out yomping with me, or if you're just a prat for trying to take landscape photographs with a cheap 300mm zoom.
On the way to Tai Tam Reservoir
But I thought I'd try some self-portraiture, and started off with it at arm's length (too close to focus). Then I put it on a tripod, and got some more pleasing results - the depth of field is nice, in that it obliterates most of the detail behind my head (not that there's much behind it anyway). Then finally I made a wonderful discovery - I put it up to full zoom, sat back down, and quite accidentally got some shots just of my eyes. Some are a bit squiff or way off, but there's some moments of serendipity. But at the same time, I wonder if they look just a little bit threatening - no ability to discern my mood if all you can see is my eyes and nose, and the lack of any other features makes the whole thing look a little alien. So here's my picture of the week:
Pleased with myself, I took my laundry down to get washed. 44 dollars worth today, or 11 lbs by weight. Tomorrow it will be clean and folded for me. How wonderful is that? And even better, as I walked back up, I remembered I still had two Lindor chocolates left in the fridge that I didn't eat last night. So easy to make me happy. Haven't got round to watching all of my performance from last night yet, so I don't know if I can be cross at the woman from Adelaide who thought I'd never done it before, or accept that once again I'm talking too fast for anyone to understand. How long will it take before I achieve comprehensibility?


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