Sunday, February 22, 2009


Could not get out of bed this morning. My alarm went off at 7.30 - eventually I got up about midday, after listening to three or four podcasts from Collings & Herrin, and even then, I lacked the gumption to actually go running, instead wasting a couple of hours on Halo 3 until my heart rate was beating fast enough to justify going out.
Run was horrible - just lacking energy for no apparent reason. Started well enough, but most of the laps after the first 5k were much slower than target - I was aiming for 5 minute pace, but I was doing so slow that in my two-and-a-half hours I put in one less k than required (and I had been hoping to ramp it up to 32k).
Then again,the plan required only a 22k run today (but did assume that I'd actually be doing some running in the rest of the week - I'm not sure that walking to work from Happy Valley (3 times, plus one day when I walked back as well) is a sufficient substitute for that.
Now off to get a back massage - haven't had one all month, so I expect this will be very painful. Toying with getting my feet done as well, but then I won't be home before 11, and I could really do with getting my head down.
Oh, and after running and before dinner, walked down and took some pictures of the big gold dragon that I see on the way to work (when I'm taking the tram rather than yomping up the hill):
Dragon, Happy Valley


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