Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wine, weddings, whining

Last night I went to a wedding in Macau, and while I didn't think I drank much, I had enough to destroy some part of my brain, evidenced by not being able to name what I was drinking. It was a combination of lumps of fruit, red wine and ice cubes. At the time I didn't think much of it, but it had a prodigious effect on my vocabulary. Also, a bottle of horrid red wine.

We should have known.

At the bar, there was a bottle of white in an ice bucket, but when we lifted it out to inspect the goods, we were scolded and told "that's not the same as what's inside." Possibly not a sign of the greatest drink ever to be produced.

(Of course, the label isn't everything, but if you're ever in British Columbia, you can guarantee a satisfactory bottle of wine by only ever drinking those with pictures of bicycles on the label. Just in case that helps.)

The wedding reception itself was pretty fun; the best wedding speeches I've heard for some time, although the crowd was thick with thespians, and both groom and best man were theatrical types, so you'd hope for that. It's interesting how a wedding speech is much like stand-up, with certain almost mandatory elements: mention the groom's obsession with animal husbandry, impugn his good character, and don't do anything too sophisticated. Things that I'd normally deride as hack, but that you need to make the audience happy. Some lesson to learn there?

No. Of course not. I will carry on reciting alphabetical lists of footwear until I am recognised as the genius I most certainly am.

Today, I decided it was time to start running again. Unfortunately, to get the necessary gumption, I drank a latte first, which left me feeling horrid. I did 10k round Happy Valley, running as hard as I could for the ninth kilometre, only to discover I'd only got down to a 4:45 time.

This is rubbish. Surely after taking a rest from serious running for ten months, I should be able to run much faster and longer than ever before. I will go and demand the doctors test me in every way possible to determine the source of this collapse in my fitness.

Later, after lying on my bed unable to move, I went to Wan Chai to look at things in the Computer Centre, and then came home to write this. Looking at things is one of my favourite hobbies. Perhaps the exciting tale I have just related will inspire you to take it up too. I sincerely hope so.


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