Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Ugandan president is apparently angry that Gordon Brown, Hillary Clinton and any other politician that phones him up only wants to talk about 'the gays'. I feel sorry for the poor chap. It must be hard trying to pass homophobic legislation when you have the diplomatic equivalent of a homosexual partyline ringing you every five minutes with salacious details on what 'the gays' are doing. Yes, it must be really ... Hard.

Perhaps just the general annoyance that he feels in having his phone line jammed up with politicians wanting to talk about 'the gays' will be enough to prevent them passing the bill, which seems like a good thing. But at the same time there doesn't seem to be anyone admitting that it's not a good thing to go around banning people from breathing just because they're homosexual. Where's the civilisation?

At least you wouldn't get this nonsense in China. They'd just classify homosexuality as a mental disorder instead. Which never led to Tony Blair ringing up Hu Jintao to talk about 'the gays', did it?

I do wonder how the conversation starts though. Do both participants conduct the conversation while pretending to be bigots from the 1970s, or does only one of them refer to 'the gays' by that label? Somehow I doubt that the dour Mr Brown would be talking about 'the gays'. Or would he?

In other people-being-aggravated news, I was walking through Causeway Bay MTR tonight when a woman in front of me decided to stand still and talk on her phone, while people milled about, trying to get past her. I used to be annoyed by this, but apart from a residual desire to punch people in the back of the head, I've largely got over it. The man behind me was very cross though, muttering "for fuck's sake".

Although perhaps he's healthier for not bottling it up, whereas I'm apparently angry enough to let it fester with me all evening before spouting it out. Oh dear.

And series five of the Wire is not very good. You can really see the seams showing. Or perhaps familiarity breeds contempt. Or maybe I want a leader of the free world to ring me up and talk about 'the gays'. It's so hard to tell.


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