Thursday, February 25, 2010

From the sacred to the profane

Take Out Comedy Dim Sum this evening and I played an alcoholic Jesus. On the positive side, I got to dress up in a 200% polyester Jesus costume. On the negative I forgot one of my best lines - "I'm no saint". People laughed though - I was proud to read Stuart's script for him.

Then I came home to wait for a phone call, and the call didn't come, so I put on Brendon Burns swearing. It's filth, awesome, angry raging filth about drug-and-drink fuelled breakdowns.

I took a lady on a date to see Brendon Burns once. To see "Sober Not Clean". Surprisingly, we had a second date, but nothing more.

It's strange, though. On the surface of it, he's just spouting angry sweary filth, and then he flips over with something incredibly smart. Right now I'm watching him impersonate a Scotsman boasting about walking a dog, and I'm unable to say why it's so good, but it is. On Australians: "We committed genocide and then convinced the world we're nothing but liberal surfers".

And I'm staying up until 1:30pm waiting for a phone call. This is not doing anything for my sleep deprivation. I'd go to bed, but my alarm clock doesn't work properly - hasn't, since I got back from London. Perhaps I'll go for a quick massage, then come back and take the call. Hope I'm still alive tomorrow.


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