Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Selling out

I think I may have sold my car. This will be a wonderful thing after having it sit on my parents' drive for the last two years, dripping oil at irregular intervals. However, perhaps it will just be a pipe dream, and I'll return to Hong Kong still in possession of a car. This will be most inconvenient.
Because of the ongoing cost of insurance. Not because it would be hard to fit it into the overhead luggage compartment on a 747. I didn't go for the obvious comedic pay off there, because I think more of you, my quite possibly imaginary readers, than to just give you that.

Although I thought you might enjoy having your expectations confirmed too. That's how generous I am.

Today I took my girlfriend to see the Natural History Museum. There were lots of people crowding in because of the half term holiday, but we got through to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which had many strange and beautiful images. Apart from the winning entry, which has been removed for possibly being dishonest and involving a model animal. Or a wolf that was bribed. I should research that more carefully before providing half-baked attempts at the truth.

Photographs were already on my mind, of course, because I'd been through some of the photos from the last 20 years of my life, and scanned them into digital existence, so that they may be preserved on Facebook for eternity. Thank you, Saint Mark Zuckerburg. What a wonderful use of everyone's time and resources that will be.

I would say more on this matter, but I'm plastered after my sister taking me out to dinner at Joe Allen's. After several beers and some carafes of the house red, I'm incapable of much apart from buying substanceless fitness magazines in WHSmiths and then getting a train home. I look forward to tomorrow's hangover and the journey to dispose of the car. Nighty night!


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