Thursday, March 04, 2010

Recurses! Filed again!

Here's a guide to making Blogger talk to Facebook via Twitter. Those of a technical bent will be unimpressed. Those who care not for Web2.0reah will be unimpressed. The complement to those two sets might find it useful, if they haven't done it already. Apologies to the first and second sets. It may be improved for all of you if you read the next line in the voice of Johnny Cash covering 'Hurt'.

I checked my RSS feed here, to see that it still worked.

Then I signed up for an account at Twitterfeed.

Then I authenticated my Twitter account through Twitterfeed.

Then I installed the Twitter app on Facebook and gave it permission to update my status.

Then I went back to Twitterfeed and banged around with configuration for five minutes, because I hadn't quite understood Step 2 of Twitterfeed's set up (hint - choose your Twitter account to feed ot).

Then I waited a bit.

And voila! Now every time I post here, a tweet shows up within a few hours, and every time that happens, my status on Facebook gets updated to show that I've posted here, and that possibly means that I get more readers, without needing to go to Facebook myself and tell people.

Consequentially, I can tell more people how egocentric I am without any extra cost, and without putting any content onto Facebook itself. Which, if I was concerned by privacy, I might be worried about - but then why would I be blogging it? And I suppose it might save time. Eventually - I don't think the time it took me to do this in the past is anything like the time I spent last night.

But most importantly, it's one less thing to have to remember in my gradual plod toward search engine optimisation. And I've done my contribution to the great Internet circle jerk of social media.  (Particularly now I'm posting about what I've done.)



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