Thursday, April 22, 2010


I put the first three chapters of Diet Croydon up on Authonomy this week, for the whole world to read for free.

This could be a good thing; it gets it out there to more people than having it alone on Lulu and a few copies in the Beckenham Bookshop, but I'm sceptical about a single-purpose social network like this: everyone on there is promoting their own work. So the whole thing seems like a circle-jerk of people trying to be friendly in the hope that you'll be friendly in return and boost up their network ranking, to the point that somebody at Harper Collins says "yes, this person is good at online social networks-lets publish their book about the pretty kittens".

Well, maybe it will produce a book deal for Diet Croydon. If not, I'll just home-publish a book about pretty kittens.

I'm feeling hoist on my own petard today: I put the hurry-up music from Puzzle Bobble onto my girlfriend's phone, and she set an alarm for midnight that woke me up, half an hour after I'd gone to sleep. Old arcade music redolent of miniature dinosaurs firing bubbles into space is abjectly terrifying when you're not expecting it, and it took me two hours, a melatonin pill and five games of Solitaire on my ipod before I could get to sleep.

She slept straight through it, so while she was full of beans this morning, I felt like I'd been recently exhumed, and staggered to work, a broken man, to spend all day reconciling things that weren't reconciled. It's a sad point to come to in my life when I recognise a major achievement has been to point out that two sets of numbers are vaguely similar but not identical, but perhaps something better is around the corner.

Well, yes, of course it is. It's only a month until Comedy Dim Sum, and I have four possible sketches to be in. Here's my debut from the first ever CDS: Fake Language School


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've tracked you down from Authonomy... Creepy, no?! I have to say that I very much agree with your opinions of it. Bugger all integrity. I reckon I'm just going to self-publish. My mum will definitely buy a copy. Good luck with the whole blogging experience, I started a month ago and it is a very strange feeling putting yourself out there for everyone to pick holes in. So far I've only been savaged twice...!

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