Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bloomberg - free food ahoy!

In an attempt to alliterate even more than usual, tonight before I went to see Butch Bradley I popped into my friend's office on the 27th floor of the Cheuk Kong building.

Bloomberg have a sweet set up - everything's shiny, there's huge tables covered in free food, and fridges full of drinks. (But no booze, whereas I have a litre of gin on my office desk - that either says an unhealthy work environment, or I'm boring because in the last six months I've failed to polish it off.)
I was going to fill my pockets with gratis packets of crisps, but no chance, not under the watchful eye of the security guard. Instead, a whistle stop tour of an office filled with screens - four monitors per desk - and a couple of television studios, and then into a cab to Wan Chai.

Butch Bradley was great; although I was suffering because I think somebody at the club had turned the heating controls to 'Heart of the Sun'. Or at least that's my excuse for stumbling out without remembering to pay for my meal.

But the chips were disgusting anyway. Isn't that a proper excuse?


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