Monday, June 07, 2010

Podcast #2

This evening Gary and I recorded our second podcast: 25 minutes of blethering about whether rats are worse than snakes, needless swearing and my terrible impression of a fitness coach with a hacking cough. There'll be a link to it as soon as Gary has worked his technical wizardry.  Or deleted the file.

Earlier, I'd gone to the gym; having only had salad for lunch and still feeling a bit tired from Saturday's race/Sunday's hangover, all I managed was fifteen minutes of rowing. I discovered that Clint Mansell's Pi soundtrack is not conducive to rowing.

While it's fast enough to make you row harder, repetitive exercise and heavily syncopated beats don't make for a good mix. Next time I'll try Ministry. And then spend the evening throwing up in a waste-paper bin.

Today I found a new and sillier race to train for: the annual run up Taipei 101. Luckily for my knees, I only found out about it today, the week after it was raced. But I can start training now: 2,046 steps on the Stairmaster every day until next May.

There's a lot at stake here. A 94 year old man did it in 38 minutes, so I need to be able to ascend at least 57 steps per minute, for 36 minutes, to avoid being embarrassed by a nonagenarian. I wonder what shoes I should wear.


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