Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jokes about Norweigans

I was worried that I hadn't rehearsed enough this week, but luckily the audience didn't seem to mind: plus I had a few gifts, like a couple of Norweigan women in the front row. Now you might think it's hard to make jokes about Norway, when they're such an inoffensive nation that nobody knows much about, but luckily I've done my research. And so:

I love everything about Norway: Absolut vodka, Abba, the Moomins, Nokia phones, Lurpak butter, Volvos, Saab, Ericsson, the Tivoli gardens. Er. Those, uh, Swedish meatballs?

I could go on. But perhaps I'd better not.
After that, I gave the rabbit material a public airing: a few bits were sloppy and in not quite the right order, and I missed out most of the dark psychological discussion of bereavement and neurosis, but I hit my laughs and had a surprisingly good reaction to the punchline.

Now I need to store some of the lessons from that: people like rabbits being mimed, it appears. I wonder if there's some sort of callback I can build into it somewhere.

The audience was small; ten or twelve people - probably because tomorrow is the 500th show (and a bit cheaper) but I've got a chance to do another set then; not sure if the rabbit will have another outing yet or not. There's life in that shaggy dog story yet.

After the show, a glass of ginger ale and home to look at raisins on the internet. Things have never been so glamourous.


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