Sunday, August 01, 2010


Last night I went to my favourite slightly shady bar in Soho, to play bass for an hour. Unfortunately for me, there was a gaggle of people already playing and no chance to get my hand on anything. Dorsher and I retired to the bar over the street, and went back a bit later to see a boggle-eyed Hong Konger regurgitating "Ice Ice Baby" to a captivated crowd. It's the clash of different cultures that makes Hong Kong such an interesting place to live.

Or the clash of culture with twenty-year old hip-hop of dubious merit, but you get the picture.
Today, however, I felt ruined. Two days off work, without a single nap, and I've been getting up early and going to bed late. I'm almost looking forward to being back at work so I can get some decent sleep. In the evenings, boss, in the evenings.

I tried to counteract my exhaustion by (a) playing on the Xbox, (b) watching Run Lola Run and (c) heading over to SML for a very late lunch, but none of these really helped; I've been a boggle-eyed loon myself all day long.

In fact, it's only because I'm too extreme and light up the stage like a candle that I don't start reciting Vanilla Ice lyrics.

Went home, played with the cat, wrote some postcards, went out, played on a friend's Kindle (which finally seems to be cheap enough to be justifiable, given the continuing horror-show pricing of books in Hong Kong), played on his iPad, couldn't decide which was an appropriate use of technology, went home again, tried to use Skype while the cat was teaching herself to type on my keyboard, told her that wasn't an appropriate use of technology, went to bed.


Avalanche said...

tip of the day: cellofan (preferbly from cigarett package) makes the ultimate toy for the cat.

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