Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I delivered a crushing defeat to my girlfriend at Scrabble this evening. 283 beats 281 - boo ya!

I should probably be quite ashamed, both that I should have such a paltry score, and that I'm boasting about it on the internet. I played my usual very negative game; at the end, a quarter of the board had been left untouched, and near the end I was doing nasty things like pluralising 'GOYIM' to eke a few more points out. Then again, she had been doing some vicious things with the letters Q and Z, so I had to defend myself somehow.

It was also, strangely, the first time I'd won a game when I'd had the first move. Whenever the two of us play, the second player always seems to have a large advantage - but not so any more. I wonder if other people notice the same bias.

Anyway, no swearing, little repetition (apart from us both using 'UG' when low on letters) and it meant that we didn't watch any more awful films from the 1980s (I watched Robocop twice this weekend, which is at least one more than recommended in any given year), which was a narrow escape. I tried to watch Rocky IV, but it was unremittingly awful. Even when I played it at 50% faster than normal, it was still horrible, horrible, horrible. It made me wonder why anyone watched films in the 1990s, if they'd had to endure the blockbusters of the 1980s first. It would have been enough to make you put your foot through the screen, and then have the cinema send you the bill.

Hmm. Not sure that makes a whole lot of sense.

But today was a good, good day - and not just because of my meaningless, two point victory over my girlfriend. No, today was also the day that I finished extracting phrases for my language project, which means that Phase Two, the random language generator, is almost ready to go. Which means soon it will be wandering across the internet, impersonating one of my heroes and mentioning Jenny Agutter more than is statistically necessary.


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