Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things I've discovered by examining my site log data (1)

Somebody keeps searching for "goldschlager airport" and coming here. Well, they might want to get to here, but I'm not sure the sort of person who searches for a funny-tasting drink with metal particles in it really wants to read about the alleged nefarious conspiracies of the British Government to suck suck suck cash out of its (soon-to-be-ex) dependencies.  Then again, maybe it's because I trained my gibberish generator to talk about goldschlager a lot, but I only did that because I was already getting searches for this.

Perhaps I'm trapped in an endless cycle of people searching for "goldschlager airport", coming here, being unsatisfied (but not unsatisfied enough to tell me) and then further optimising the site to attract more of them.  Or else there are some alcoholic pilots trying to do their research.  Or there's something a tiny bit wrong with Google's search results.  Who's to say?


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