Saturday, December 11, 2010

A mountain of achievement

Today I had grand plans for everything that I would achieve, and I think I managed to fulfil most of them:

Get up late, complaining about eating an omelette in Wan Chai at midnight
Breakfast on chocolate truffles
Languidly pilot a motorcycle round a simulated racecourse without getting up from the sofa

Yes, it's fair to say that when I put my mind to it, there's not much I can achieve.

I had planned to do a bit more - today was the day I was planning on going up to the observation deck of the IFC, but it was looking cloudy, so I thought it better to stay in and save that for another day. I was fairly industrious in the morning: I have around sixteen thousand photographs on my computer now, so I've been going through and trying to delete some of the blurry/indistinct/underexposed/boring ones. Unfortunately, after deleting a thousand photographs I was filled with depression and guilt. For the last year I've been storing these pictures, like they were something wonderful and worthy of preservation, only to find that the majority of them are just a bit rubbish. Thus after you clean out all the bad ones, you don't have a feeling of achievement, so much as a sense of futility.

Not to worry though. I shall wander into the great outdoors with my camera again tomorrow, and see what new blurry pictures I can create. And then delete when I get round to it in December 2011.

It's not all bad: looking at the many, many photos I did occasionally see one that I liked, like this photograph of Mount Butler (or maybe taken on the next mountain over from Mount Butler) back in January 2009. I'll be off to that side of the world again soon enough. Well, that continent, anyway. The US, Canada, Mexico, it's all pretty much the same to me.

Maybe I'll try that line of reasoning on the audience tonight, see what they think. Only three more performances for me before 2011, so I have to think about what will keep them excited and entertained. Or maybe I'll trot out some more bestiality jokes. Who knows?


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