Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new mistake

This morning, I took my keys with me to work. That wasn't the mistake. I picked up my fiancee's keys too. That wasn't the mistake. When she told me to meet her for lunch, I left her keys on my desk instead of bringing them with me. That wasn't the mistake either.

What was probably the mistake was bringing her back to the office to get the keys. Or, more exactly, bringing her into the office to get the keys. Or, to be quite definite, bringing her to my desk to get the keys.

Because it was then that she saw my desk, with all the clutter that's been amassed in the last two years, gloves to ward off the icy cold airconditioning, biscuits to snack on in between waiting for things to happen ... but no pictures of my beloved.

She made an angry face at me, but could still say nothing. I thought of telling her that no picture could do justice to her beautiful face, but I thought better of this. She might have reacted quite sceptically, given that on the desk I have a framed painting of a crucified cat and a photograph of the Horniman's walrus in a silver frame by my computer screen.

Walrus on holiday

Perhaps that's something that you shouldn't see unless you're properly prepared for it.

I mean, nobody wants to be surprised to find their fiancee is so weak that they have to wear gloves against the cold.

Anyway, I thought I could rectify my pictorial failings by sticking a picture of her face over the walrus, but then she might never come back to the office to see it, and if she did, she'd see that I'd stuck a picture of her face over the walrus.

Basically, I can't win.


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