Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I pulled another long day today, although by the end I'd clearly overdone things a bit - I got home, eyes sore and brain fizzing from a day of copying, pasting, realising that something wasn't quite right and having to delete, copy, paste, wait five minutes while Powerpoint crashed and restarted, and then deleting, copying, and pasting again. My beautiful Powerpoint presentation, how I love it so.

All this staring at computer screens and occasionally frothing at the mouth in Excel-inspired Tourette's leaves a man with little time to pack his bags for any impending flight to the other side of the world. Luckily I have a wise and beautiful fiancee who did this all for me while she had her day off.

Well, I assume that. She also has a slightly-wayward sense of humour, but that still means that when I get to Halifax, Nova Scotia with no clothes but a suitcase filled entirely with popcorn and almond biscuits, I'll have nobody to blame for my predicament but myself.

And my fiancee for replacing my clothes with foods I disdain, "for a laugh".

Anyway, tomorrow we are off to the wonderful Hong Kong airport yet again, for a very, very long flight to somewhere a very, very long way away, and as I've done nothing exciting today of which I can speak, I must remain silent.


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