Wednesday, December 01, 2010

You can't go round just saying stuff because it's pretty

Every so often, I like to put Magnetic Fields song lyrics into a search engine, and compare the results.

Here's you can't just go round saying stuff because it's pretty through Google and Bing:


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26 Jan 2010 ... Later, he adds, “You can't go around just saying stuff because it's pretty/and I no longer drink enough to think you're witty,” suggesting ... - Cached - Similar
29 Jan 2010 ... You can't go around just saying stuff / because it's pretty / and I no longer drink enough / to think you're witty. Login to leave a comment ... - Cached - Similar
"No", I said, "I can't prove it's impossible. It's just very unlikely". ... because you will get "down the drain," into a blind alley from which nobody has yet escaped. ..... The next question was — what makes planets go around the sun? .... is essentially what you're saying in the first case, but when you want to ... - Cached
It's so much fun you just HAVE to go along with it! ..... actually the writers just saying "Dr. Jones is badass enough that you can't even ... In fact, the Rule of Cool applies to pretty much any action sequence in the ..... Not only do many, many things in the setting exist solely because they're cool, but it's an ... - Cached - Similar
30 Nov 2010 ... Because I'm pretty sure I would've shot up a McDonald's. ... So, basically the very same paparazzi Lindsay called to follow her around just cost her her driver's license by, ... I'm just saying things I want to happen out loud again, ... Because you can't seem to get enough of her despite the fact ...

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okay seriously selena should go be a model since everyone's comments are "she looks gorgeous" because she damn sure can't sing ... It's funny how just because you don't have a voice like Christina Aguilera, means you can't sing at all. ... plenty of times of the radio, just saying. Lol _____ Yes, Naturally.....That's it.-Thats the only Single that was released wasn't it? Besides Round & Round · Cached page
... boss should give her password and stuff to ***** because she wouldn’t blab her mouth I trust her,don’t send it to me just tell *****. Jocelyn:what what are you talking about? you cant go ... to go onto people’s profile’s I just go to *****’s myspace and click on the picture then I’m on her profile Jocelyn:are you saying you ... edited out the other SG’s names, I’m pretty sure ... · Cached page

Cause girl I never been more sure (That baby it's you) This ring here represents my heart And everything that you been waiting for(just say it i do ) (Yeah) Because I can see us holding ... Got me looking like a black grape and stuff First time saying you had me gonna crush And ... This just can't be summer love (L-O-V-E) Come on and lemme show you 'round Let me take you out, bet you we could have some fun girl · Cached page

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Because anybody with a lobotomy can see that she doesn't belong there. We found that out last week when she made an outhouse flap on her dress for what she thought was a farmers' party. Oh Ping, it's not your fault. You can't help it you're you. ... I'm glad she was let go so she can just go learn how to sew and be Ping. Whatever that ... · Cached page

Interestingly, both Google and Bing seem to zero in very quickly on (quite different) results involving people being bitchy about people, but Google gives you a Magnetic Fields reference first.  And yet somehow I find the Bing results somewhat more poetic than the Google ones - is it just that Google seems prosaic because it gets the right answer first, or am I being difficult, or is there another reason?

Perhaps more importantly, neither of them correctly identifies You Must Be Out Of Your Mind from Distortion anywhere in the first page of results.  Dolts!

And finally, cutting and pasting search results from a browser into a Blogger window is horrible.  I wonder if there's a solution for this that doesn't involve taking pictures of my screen.


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Glad I'm not the only person who does that :)

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