Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to the weekend!

Tonight was my first time performing in front of a proper audience this year; I went to an open mike this week, but that's nothing like playing to a packed room full of paying customers.

Although tonight was nothing like playing to a packed room either, because to begin with there were only four people in the audience, and although five blokes trooped in a bit later, they didn't make much noise and then left early, so there were usually more comedians in the room than customers.

That is a terrible exaggeration. Part way through, two more people arrived so by the end six people had sat through eight comedians' sets, and at least they laughed. It's a little corrosive of the soul to perform to such a small audience, but it's better than when you have a full house of people staring at you with displeased expressions, like a pack of bloodhounds with dyspepsia, never giving so much as a giggle.

Afterwards, I wandered down to the MTR with Chris Musni, one of the comedians, and watched him eat a slice of pizza from Paizano's as big as his face. Paizano's is a newly opened pizza joint on Lyndhurst Terrace, offering idiotically large slices from 24-inch pizzas to the masses. I suppose the masses will be more massive if they keep eating this stuff. Alas, with my current fear of all things fat, I couldn't touch the pizza, but I discovered when I got home that I had enough spare calories that I could stuff my face with Lindt chocolate balls. Little Swiss globules of delight, like a mittel-European Malteser, if you took out the honeycomb and upgraded the chocolate, I suppose.

The pizza slices at Paizano's are cut randomly, which suggests the place is a metaphor for life: you can't be sure that yours will be big or small, fresh or old. But over time you'll get fatter, and there will be stains left on your fingers.

On reflection, maybe not a very good metaphor. But who cares? The weekend is here!

... Well, the weekend is here if you don't believe in gracing the office with your presence on Fridays. I'll be at my desk, ruminating and cogitating and so forth, so I'll be saving the partying for later. Counting calories and going to bed before the sun rises: I guess I accidentally got old when I wasn't looking.


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