Saturday, February 19, 2011

A litany of hardship

Today I was a fairly broken man: after comedy last night, I made the mistake of drinking Hoegaarden and then going out in Lan Kwai Fong, where I ended up in a salsa bar where I danced like a goon.

I've figured out salsa dancing - you move your arms and legs in time to the music. I think when I'm a famous motivational guru, I might use that as a a special lesson to my best customers. My fiancee was less impressed by my discovery, especially when I was doing the robot to Gasolina.

I reaped the whirlwind that I'd sown this morning, when the world was just a little bit too difficult to deal with, but this didn't really improve as the day went on. Things reached their nadir when I went to buy a burger from Triple O's, only to find they'd sold out. Hungover, without a veggie burger - has anyone ever suffered as much as I have? I doubt it.

And what made it even worse, making that nadir just a submarine shelf that I would slip and fall even deeper from, when I went to Pumpernickel and bought a sandwich, some helpful joker stuffed it full of parma ham, much to my disgust and the delight of my fiancee. Nobody has ever had to endure such trials. I'm like a latter-day Job, yet much worse off. It's not like he was ever cursed by a slow internet connection, was he?

After this trial of a day, I went back to the club and opened up to a packed room - two great sets in two nights. I need to get slightly sharper on how long some of my bits take - I slightly panicked and fluffed my Wan Chai piece because I didn't think I could do it in time after the light shone to give me one minute. More rehearsal needed, I suppose, but it's a better problem to have than I've had in the past.


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