Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Final Cut Pro is the deepest

Last night I was up until midnight, struggling to get to grips with Final Cut Pro while drinking beer. The beer wasn't the problem: it was the only way to ameliorate the pain of working with F***in' C*** P*** or whatever that software is called.

I'm not saying it's the most unintuitive program ever written. It's just that part way through the evening, videotape and a razor seemed an easier way than fighting with the user interface.

However, after two hours we have a rough cut of the rabbit film, which is bizarrely only 2 minutes long, although perhaps that's efficient for four hours of filming and three hours of editting. How does anyone manage to make a feature film? And why are they so long these days?

I got home, went to bed and woke up instantly six and a half hours later, unhungover but vaguely troubled in the way only a couple of cans of Heineken can provide. Thus today was a little difficult, although without any major catastrophes like vomitting into a bin.

There were a few vague annoyances, like somebody trying to use the comments of the blog to advertise a website selling fridges. Drink fridges. To Australians. Australians who read blog posts about free food at Bloomberg, apparently.

Honestly, can't these marketing droids read? Why do they think it's called comments(0)?

Well, actually that's more to do with my tongue-tied readership, I suppose. And once the Auto-Comedian and the Auto-Austen are complete, I can fill my blog comments with as much rubbish as I like. My own rubbish.

Til then, the rest is silence.


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