Tuesday, May 03, 2011

2011 Resolutions, status report

It's the start of the month again, so once more it's time to check up on what I said I'd do, and what I have done.

Here goes:
Carry on writing - easy peasy
Get married - need to find a tailor and a cake maker this week. Is that a baker, or is there a more specific noun?
Read all the books, watch all the DVDs - going to plan. Haven't purchased any new books or films in the last month (except at airports, which don't count)
Keep tidy - oh dear. If we had a domestic helper. If we had the ability to tidy up after ourselves. If wishes were horses...
Stay below 12 stone, run some races - weight has stayed down, haven't run any races, but I have chucked myself down some hills in Thailand and got my entry for the Osaka Marathon. And I haven't done anything with it yet. Clock is ticking...
Redraft The Great Old Game - didn't so much as open it in April. Shame on me!
Spanish - oy vey! Hang on, that isn't Spanish, is it? The problem goes deeper than I thought.
Dancing - well, I went to a bar that played salsa last week, and then my friends laughed at me for my immobile hips. So I went home in a huff. Some things you shouldn't laugh at, and that includes my pelvis.
Keep in touch - well, I wrote my April letter and posted it on the 3rd of May. Just about in tolerance, huh?
Photo every day - oh dear. Not even my plan to photograph another cliche every day has kept up with my ambition.
Finish things properly - did get some work done on editting the Rabbit film last week. Perhaps a better list of things to get done is required.

Last month I really lacked polish on some things: attention to detail, I suppose. This May I'd like a bit more sleep, a bit more time to rehearse things and to take the opportunity to make sure I don't just have experiences, I learn from them.

5 out of 11. Am I doing better or worse?


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