Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another quiet Thursday night

Today I should have gone running, but I have comedy this evening and although I've yet to attempt it, I imagine that if I staggered onto the stage, exhausted from half an hour on the treadmill, the audience might not find that as intrinsically funny as one might hope.

The crowd started off incredibly small; just one man, checking his phone, but as time went by more and moe people came in; I'm not sure what would persuade somebody to pay $150 to see fifteen minutes of comedy while they rummage through a bag of bottles, but that was their choice. Or perhaps there's a complicated yield management process on the door that I haven't witnessed, where the ticket price drops by a dollar every minute after 10 o'clock.

Anyway, a good crowd: drunks, a birthday, a man from Wales, a banker. As a small group, I wasn't keen to work the crowd but strangely, the more Jami pressed me to work the audience, the more they laughed. I didn't use any material after my opening set, and still got a few big laughs.

Afterwards, I felt shattered; I'm not sure if that's from my early start today (up at six for a phone call) or just because I'm worn out from constantly prancing up to the stage. Still, it's Friday tomorrow: after work I get to hit the gym for the session I missed yesterday, and then on Saturday I get to catch up on the session I'm missing today, and then on Sunday I catch up on Saturday's session, and then Monday (which is a rest day) I can knock off Sunday.

Ever think you might have bitten off more than you can chew?


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