Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today I decided to stop drinking coffee, to see what will happen. This is a fairly stupid thing to do, because I know what will happen; I'll spend two weeks readjusting (falling asleep at my desk, accidentally putting my hand in the toaster, treading on fragile valuables) and after that, I'll be able to function normally. As in the way I was when I was drinking coffee.

So the whole exercise is basically one of futility and masochism, but leavened with parsimony, because I'll be saving money on the lattes I'd otherwise be buying. Except I stopped drinking those ages ago, in favour of the revolting office 'espresso' machine, so I'm not even saving any money.

However, I am going to be travelling a lot for the next few weeks, so perhaps it's best to kick the coffee habit now, rather than be dependent on it when I'm trying to stay awake in a plastic hotel parachuted into somewhere in Malaysia. Although what I know will happen is that I'll be quaffing merrily from a jug of triple-fermented hotel coffee, and then weeping under a table by mid-morning.

At least I'll be ready for it.

I've also given up watching films. Or rather, I haven't watched a film since Sunday, after the triple-threat of Hot Tub Time Machine, Live and Let Die and Soylent Green. Perhaps Charlton Heston's eyebrows have put me off cinema for good.


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