Monday, August 01, 2011

Married at last

So I'm married now, which is a rather surreal experience. I keep thinking that at any moment, somebody is going to tap me on the shoulder and tell me that I have to give the ring back until I'm more mature and sensible.

Yesterday the rain was coming in horizontally until five minutes before the ceremony started. Thus it was quite a relief not to have to be soaked to the skin while going through our vows, although my wife-to-be looked daggers at the justice of the peace a few times, when he contrived to pronounce her surname incorrectly. I should have told her to relax - she won't be having that surname for much longer, so it shouldn't be important.

On the other hand, he pronounced one of my middle names as 'ginseng' which is utterly unforgiveable and he's lucky I didn't have him keelhauled immediately.

It was a truly beautiful event, getting to see my bride slowly walking up the aisle towards me. Well, rushing towards me as fast as she could until she remembered that she was meant to be walking slowly down towards me. I suppose it was easier for me: I just had to stand there and not fall off the boat, although I had that creeping fear that I was going to say the wrong thing at some point ("I don't!" because my subconscious thought it would be funny to capsize the wedding ceremony when people least expected).

The cruise along the harbour and through the narrows was beautiful; although there was still a little fog, the light was beautiful through it and we could see the sea as it opened up ahead of us. I'm hoping there are at least a couple of nice photographs of the pair of us.

One thing I didn't realise about getting married is that you don't get to eat very much. After we'd had all the wedding photos done up above, we sauntered down to find that our food was an hour older than everyone else's, but to be honest with the adrenaline still rushing through my body after the marriage ceremony, I wasn't in much of a position to eat.

We also somehow ordered vastly more wine than necessary - it turns out that a bottle of wine per two people wasn't as realistic as we'd thought, so there's loads of the stuff left over. Plus more cake than is decently possible. The next few days will be a litany of indigestion and hangovers, as we do our level best to remedy this situation.


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