Thursday, August 18, 2011


We worked on our presentation until 11:30 this evening, which meant I didn't get a chance to go running. Instead I just skulked back to the hotel before I might turn into a pumpkin.

It's better than it sounds: we were taken out for dinner tonight (and I gave the assembled teams a minute of my television/fruit material) but really I think we would have preferred to be wined and dined tomorrow after we'd all presented, rather than tonight when we were all stressing over Powerpoint and recalcitrant video files. And every minute eating fine food was another minute not sleeping, dammit.

I'm not sure if I'm paranoid, but I think the pillows in my bed are breeding. There were eight pillows today, in a bed that would comfortably accomodate at most two people. I see no way that one person needs four different pillows to get comfy, not even when one is a big cylindrical brown one. In fact, the brown one seems more superfluous than the rest; why would anyone use a giant cylindrical pillow (regardless of colour)? Its only use is to be removed from the bed it's lying on, the lazy sybarite that it is.

I won't go on at length about nefarious pillow multiplication. That's better addressed by an episode of Coupling anyway. Instead I'll lie here in bed, and wish I didn't have six hours flight between me and my wife, and then shortly pass out from exhaustion.


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