Sunday, October 23, 2011


Today I was meant to run 8 miles, which should have been no trouble at all, but a combination of comedy last night (great, despite me having been drinking in the afternoon and thus both sunstruck and hungover by 9pm) and then being woken up by UFOs (Unidentified Feline Objects) half the night left me shattered, capable of nothing more than sprawling on the sofa or passing out on the bed.

I did put the laundry away, but as that was my greatest achievement of the day, you can tell that the bar was pretty low.

Late afternoon, we went to the Wan Chai Computer Centre to deliberate over different headphones, struggling with the distinction between 'water resistant' and 'sweat proof'. This isn't important to most people, but since I've managed to dissolve, melt or otherwise disintegrate at least three pairs of 'spors' headphones. Perhaps I have super acidic sweat, or it's just the insane quantities of perspiration that running in Hong Kong produces, but either way I've reliably destroyed every set I've worn. Perhaps this last pair will survive a bit longer.

Of course, then my ipod will probably give up after being stewed in sweat for so long.

I also tried to buy a new camera lens, but since this seemed to retail at 20% more expensive than in the US, when Hong Kong should be the home of cheap electronics, I avoided handing over any more cold hard cash, and instead went to dinner, which, as we're in Hong Kong, consisted of pizza and risotto, because I'm all culturally aware after my sojourn in Singapore and now know what you're meant to eat. Well adjusted, aren't I?

Finished the evening recording dialogue for the Great Rabbit Sketch - hopefully can stick it all together this week before I fly to Japan...


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