Friday, November 04, 2011

Broken again

Some time this afternoon, I moved my head wrong, or I sat awkwardly, or there was a malign alignment of the planets, but any which way a muscle in my shoulder has gone into spasm and now it's agony if I try to move my head.

This has already happened once this year, but at least last time I was doing something energetic. Well, as energetic as sitting in the cinema can be. This time round, the injury has sneaked up on me, completely unexpectedly and fairly inconveniently, given I've got my Hong Kong wedding party tomorrow and would like to be able to move my head from side to side.

All the guests are coming partly because I promised them a masterful demonstration of me moving my head from side to side: think how disappointed they'll all be with my poor showing.

So I'm trying to recover things by lying on my back, a cushion under my neck to try to stretch out the muscles, and trying hard to remember the exercises from last time that took the pain away. I'm glad this didn't happen before the marathon, but suspicious of what might have caused it: was it all that running? Was it overzealous air conditioning? Was it the sadistic massage I had last night? Who will ever be able to say?


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