Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year past

And so we shuffle towards the end of 2011, a little closer to it in Hong Kong than I'd been in Indonesia, and a lot earlier than London and other points west...

A year ago I was in Vancouver, probably not quite awake at this point. A lot has happened in the last 12 months: I've got married, I've run a marathon, I've changed job, and I've had the lift in my building break down so that I've gone to Singapore to avoid walking up and down all those stairs. I've narrowly avoided being in Japan while the earthquake hit - although that doesn't really count as an achievement. I've co-opted some friends to help me make a film about rabbits in a bar (which I hope I'll finish in the next month), I've been away from Hong Kong 17 times, I've read quite a few books and I've watched twelve Bond movies in strict chronological order. I've finally got my automatic advice giving webpage to work (although perhaps in 2012 I should think about making it give good advice, rather than just advice). It's been a productive 12 months.

Tomorrow I'll reflect on the resolutions I set at the start of 2011, and see how many of those I succeeded in, and how many are just floating in the abyss of good intentions and lassitude. That's a day later than last year, but most things seem to be delayed for me this month. Tonight, after all, isn't a time for reflection. It's a time for staring at fireworks, going 'ooh' and 'ah' and drinking beverages larger than your head, trying to avoid noticing that the new year celebrations celebrate nothing less trivial than a digit changing in the year, as if that alone would make any real difference in the world.

Oh, hang on. Next year is 2012, which means if the Mayans got their sums right, we've less than 12 months until the world ends.

Which means I might not see 24 Bond films in 24 consecutive months. Could there be anything worse?


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